KING TACKS are stainless steel serrated tacks coated with an oxford non-corrrosive white sealant.

USES:  KING TACKS are used primarily as part of the closure system of PVC jacketing and fittings.   

PACKAGING:  KING TACKS are packaged in bottles rather than the standard box packaging.  The bottle for the KING TACKS has a revolutionary snap top which provides easy access to the tacks and a secure closure.  Each bottle of KING TACKS contains 500 tacks.


Our TIK-C585 PipeCaliper is a pipe insulator's dream tool.  The pipe caliper can tell you the pipe size of pipes as small as 1/4" up to 12".  Our Pipe Caliper can provide the pipe size for both Copper and IPS (Iron Pipe Size: PVC, Black Pipe, Cast Iron, etc).


- Our Pipe Caliper was designed and engineered in the United States.

- Each Pipe Caliper is punched from US Steel.

- Each Pipe Caliper is machined, assembled, calibrated, and packaged in the United States.