The Insulation King is the leading manufacturer of mechanical insulation accessory items and tools.  With distributors throughout North America, the Insulation King family is growing fast.   

The Insulation King is synonymous with its number one selling item; King Tacks.  King Tacks are white stainless steel serrated tacks used as the closure system of PVC jacketing and PVC elbows for pipe insulation.  Another popular item is the TIK-C585 Pipe Caliper which is a tool that allows quick and accurate measurement of pipes.

The Insulation King is continually adding new products and accessories to revolutionize the mechanical insulation industry.

Our customers spoke and we listened!  Introducing our New Packaging for King Tacks!

Features of New Packaging:

  • Stronger Bottle
  • Rounded Bottle is sized to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Larger Cap Size
  • Cap allows picking out tacks or easy pouring
  • New Lined Caps - Seals Bottle Closed for Shipping