The King Tape product line consists of four different styles of tapes in a variety of widths.


King Tape Foil Tape is a 2 mil aluminum foil tape with a  pressure sensitive adhesive solvent.  The foil tape has a cold weather technology adhesive that allows superior adhesion under even the coldest conditions.  Available in 3" and 4" widths.

CASJ (Coated All-Service Jacketing):

King Tape CASJ Tape is an ASJ tape which is sealed with a polytop coating.  King CASJ matches both Owens Corning and Knauf ASJ+ and ASJ Max jackets.  Available in 3" and 4" widths.


King Tape FSK Tape is a reinforced foil tape which is commonly used to seal joints and seams of FSK Faced fiberglass duct wrap and fiberglass duct board insulations.  Available in 3" and 4" widths.


K-Tape is a 5 mil white vinyl tape which is used as a closure system for PVC Jacket and PVC Fitting Covers.  K-Tape is the preffered closure method on PVC Fitting Covers on chilled and cold water/liquid piping systems.  Available in 1", 1-1/2", and 2" widths.